January 23, 2024 |

Libel by Opposing Counsel in Litigation

BLG successfully represented an individual in a libel suit against a New York attorney. The case stemmed from a separate legal dispute involving our client and another party, who was represented by the New York attorney. During a heated email exchange related to this case, the New York attorney falsely accused our client of having been involved in securities fraud. Despite being informed of the error, the attorney declined to apologize or retract the statement.

BLG filed suit in Federal Court. The New York attorney initiated an anti-SLAPP defense, which was subsequently denied by the judge. The New York attorney then appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the lower court’s decision. BLG then filed for partial summary judgment. In a decisive ruling, the court granted our motion, striking down all ten of the defendant’s affirmative defenses, along with an unstated eleventh defense of truth.

The case was ultimately settled on the eve of trial to the satisfaction of both parties, marking a significant victory for our client.