Within my area of general expertise, Civil Business Litigation & Trials, I have a unique level of experience in matters related to Insurance Coverage, Technology (Computer Software and Electronic Discovery), and Intellectual Property. I also regularly represent clients in several other areas of civil business litigation including breach of contract, fraud, libel and slander, real estate, land use, embezzlement, product liability, personal injury and professional liability (malpractice) defense.

     I believe that clients have selected me to represent them because:

  • I have an excellent sense of strategy resulting from over 40 years of experience with business litigation and trials.  Knowing the facts and the law is important, but those are not the only important factors.  It is also necessary to know the client's goals, the relative benefit of proceeding before a certain judge or jury (or even trying to change to another court), the timing of certain events in the course of the litigation, the business and personal relationships between the parties outside of the litigation and the strength of the opposing counsel. 
  • I am a "working" attorney.  Although I utilize and manage associates, paralegals and other partners to assist me with appropriate matters, no one is surprised to see me doing research and drafting documents.  When clients call to discuss their matter I am prepared to discuss the details because I am involved in directing and implementing the day-to-day strategy.  In fact, one of the reasons why I became an attorney, and one of the reasons why I continue to enjoy my profession, is because I really enjoy the challenge of the actual work.
  • My clients trust me and they trust the information which I provide to them.  I provide honest information about the merits of their case and that evaluation doesn't change just before trial.  I deal firmly, but ethically, with opposing counsel.  It is my philosophy that clients don't need to hire a great attorney to shred documents - they need to hire a great attorney to explain the documents which were not shredded.
  • I am able to explain technical and legal concepts in a detailed and precise manner to attorneys and to clients.  Significantly, I am able to explain those same concepts, with appropriate examples and analogies, to courts and to juries.
  • I actually use technology to assist my clients.  It seems that every law firm now claims to use the "best" technology.  However, I was a computer programmer before I became a lawyer and I have a genuine understanding and affinity for technology.  In one trial my associate and I prepared the entire computer-based presentation of evidence, including detailed graphic exhibits, without the assistance of any outside services.  The results were superior, we were able to make changes while we were in the courtroom, and the cost to the client was significantly lower. 
  • I am cognizant of the economics of litigation and the importance of predictability of budgets.  I am always willing to give a realistic estimate of fees and costs (subject to appropriate caveats).  And I regularly present clients with alternatives based on a cost-benefit analysis, sometimes including a contingency fee option.