Our attorneys have been involved in all aspects of civil litigation from inception through conclusion, including jury trials, bench trials, appeals, arbitrations (both as litigators and as arbitrators), and complex settlements (both as litigators and as mediators) in more than 10 states and numerous federal jurisdictions.

There are certain areas in which we have particular experience and ability. More details, including copies of actual opinions, can be found in the case descriptions further down on this page. Our areas of particular expertise include:

Insurance Coverage

Our attorneys have more than 70+ years of combined experience in this field. Steve Brower and Tae Im, our most experienced attorneys in this field have spent decades on both sides of insurance disputes but now exclusively represent policyholders in coverage disputes. Our firms occasionally provides advice, from time to time, to insurance companies. Steven Brower spent time as one of the nation’s leading experts reviewing Computer Technology Errors & Omissions policies. That allowed him the opportunity to review several hundred of the largest and most interesting technology cases across the country, the opportunity to write over 100 coverage opinions (one of which was 120 pages long), and the opportunity to litigate several of those cases to a favorable conclusion (including a Motion for Summary Judgment which disposed of a $5 million claim, in 1990, which was a large claim at that time). As a result of this broad representation, we can provide clients with a great result based on a genuine understanding of the issues and strategic choices.

Computer Technology

Our attorneys have represented many computer companies including Microsoft, Borland International, Oracle, Microsoft, Octel, Informix, Amdahl, QMS, MicroPro (Wordstar), Parcom and others. This background has also provided our attorneys with a special understanding and ability in the area of electronic discovery. It has been our experience that electronic discovery is an area in which companies are spending far too much, and gaining far too little, because their counsel doesn’t really understand the technical issues and the options. Our insight and involvement has flipped that paradigm for many of our clients.

Intellectual Property

Technology matters regularly relate to intellectual property, specifically including, but not limited to, trade secrets, copyright, and trademark (trade dress). Steven Brower was involved in the software look and feel cases (Lotus v. Paperback, followed by Lotus v. Borland) for nine years. Our attorneys have also represented manufacturers of consumer goods who must protect their trademark/trade dress, including victories on the issue of trade dress before the 9th Circuit.

Set forth below are some of the most interesting and/or significant matters in which our attorneys have achieved significant legal and financial victories for our clients.