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Breach of Contract and Fraud – Countersuit by BLG

BLG represented a steel processing company which employed the use of overhead lifting cranes in their facility. Our client was sued by its OSHA inspection and crane maintenance vendor for non-payment of invoices. Upon investigation, it was determined that the Plaintiff vendor had routinely cut corners and misled BLG’s client as to the scope and […]

Libel by Opposing Counsel in Litigation

BLG successfully represented an individual in a libel suit against a New York attorney. The case stemmed from a separate legal dispute involving our client and another party, who was represented by the New York attorney. During a heated email exchange related to this case, the New York attorney falsely accused our client of having […]

Breach of Contract – Matter Dismissed from Two Courts

BLG represented a major online seafood retailer facing a federal lawsuit alleging breach of a contract pertaining to online marketing and advertising services. BLG successfully challenged the federal court’s subject matter jurisdiction over the case, and Court granted our motion to dismiss the matter. Plaintiff subsequently refiled the case in California state court, where BLG […]

Commercial Insurance Coverage Settlement

BLG represented the trustees of a major intellectual property rights distribution fund (the “Fund”) in a complex insurance coverage dispute against their insurer (“Defendant”). The dispute originated from Defendant’s wrongful denial of insurance coverage to the Fund, in relation to a then-pending class-action against the Fund. Defendant asserted that the Fund’s coverage was excluded under […]

Insurance Coverage – Improper Cancelation of Policy

BLG’s client was denied payment under a group life insurance policy following her husband’s death. The insurer denied coverage because the deceased’s employee allegedly failed to remit the necessary premium payments. This lapse in payments led to the cancellation of our client’s policy. However, upon thorough investigation, we discovered that the insurer failed to provide […]

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